Caribou populations are reeling. There have been huge efforts to study ice loss research in individual regions of the world, allowing the researchers to combine data to assess ice loss worldwide. We've been in Florida for 45-years and frankly, while all the other nuisance bugs, alligators, mosquitoes, snakes, sharks, lizards exist, they are no more of a problem than anywhere else. Earth’s climate has changed constantly during the 4 billion years that life has lived on this planet. "

According to 2019 figures, the region gets some 12% of its water supply from desalination. National Archives and Records Administration, Environmental News for a Healthier Planet and Life, Why the Arctic's mosquito problem is about to get a lot worse:, Wore a bug jacket that was too thin for #Arctic #mosquitoes on Ellesmere Island. When mosquitoes win, caribou may lose. Fewer calves are being born, and fewer are surviving their crucial first few months. The caribou thus are constantly on the run to try to avoid the mosquitoes, which stresses them continuously and reduces the time they can spend eating or resting in peace. And the bugs in that region were mild for the Arctic. “The faster they go through these life stages, the better off they are,” Culler says. They time their growth cycle to the temperature. During peak seasons, mosquitoes can even asphyxiate caribou in their thirst for blood. Plants are erupting out of the ground earlier in the year. Around 300,000 homes and businesses lost power from the storm directly, while tens of thousands of people had their power shut off by utilities to prevent wildfires.

Yosemite spokesman Scott Gediman told The Sacramento Bee that the storm was the biggest he had observed in his 25 years of working for the park, in terms of both wind speed and damage caused.

Yosemite originally said it would reopen Tuesday, Jan. 26, but announced Monday it would delay its reopening until at least Saturday.

"Park staff continue to work toward restoring safe conditions after last week's Mono wind event," the park tweeted.