The results are handed over to the police and have been used as a key element in prosecutions. Don't know if I started riding too soon or what. The bad part is the oozing which occurs on a daily basis. Size and pain made it very difficult to get around. I am in my 3rd week of wearing it. I am not sorry I had it done as it was very uncomfortable with a hydrocele about as large as an orange. Mike here. The doctor who originally performed the surgery took a "wait and see" attitude and told me the swelling would subside. Ice keeps the swelling down and thus helping with the pain. . I had my hydrocelectomy august 11th and everything was fine. Find a Doctor Mediclinic Middle East has over 1,000 doctors in a wide range of specialities and offering diverse services. [153] Conor McCormick-Cavanagh, “Court acquits eight youths charged with homosexual acts for first time ever in Tunisia,” conormichaelblog, April 6, 2016, (accessed April 25, 2016). I haven't taken any pain pills in about 5 days! Well 30 years later it had grown to the size of a large mango and was getting very uncomfortable. I have now a second surgery in a week, this time to again fix the hydrocele and now remove the testicle ugh...said this time a drain will be put in for a few days and removed and also can remove all the calcium etc from the hydrocele and be best bet for it not accumulating fluid again. Ministries of health and national medical councils or similar regulatory bodies should prohibit medical personnel from conducting anal examinations on persons accused of consensual same-sex conduct. Am not on any pain meds and only used them for sleepign first two days. I came to this site to find out how long it would take before I would fully recover. I'm 78 and also had a left hydrocelectomy on the 15th May 2012, also one week ago today. An officer asked to see his phone and found intimate photos of Hamed and his male partner. Role, your procedure seems different from mine. I'll keep you up on my progress. [193] “Kapiri ‘Homosexual Couple’ set free, State failed to prove the case beyond any reasonable doubt,” Lusaka Times, July 3, 2014, (accessed April 11, 2016). feel so good. 25-27. I had swelling till the 24th of August and went back to the doctor and he performed a hydrocele aspiration on August 26th to draw off the fluid. Please tell me am i recovered from hydrocele completely or not. [67] Email communication from EIPR to Human Rights Watch, June 20, 2016. the hanging is the hurt. Just scared to not wake up. Just sitting here sort of examining the area now that I can stand the touch, and my testicle seems quite firmly attached (stitched) to my scrotum. #457 Jim, Where did you have yours done? Monitor and report on the use of forced anal examinations, and work with governments to put an end to the use of these exams. The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention maintains that, “forced anal examinations contravene the prohibition of torture and other cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment, whether … they are employed with a purpose to punish, to coerce a confession, or to further discrimination.”. It's so nice to feel like a normal man again with normal looking testicles. The surgery itself was a breeze; the surgeon placed me under general anesthesia, made a 2 inch "vertical" incision in the center of my scrotum (about 1 inch below my penis). Day 4 and I now realize I’ve had a Hydrocele issue for at least 12 years, which got much worse 5 months before this surgery. Guess I am lucky. But human rights organizations and lawyers only began documenting the cases a few years before the justice minister’s call for a ban. Had my Hydroceletomy 6/24/16, it is now 7/5/16 .Pain has subsided but still very swollen and some discomfort .Doctor gave prescription for the swelling today after i complained, for anti inflammatory .Not sure why did not get this at the beginning.Doctor said not a fluid came out (good - bad ) don't know.Good luck everyone. I think the antiobiotics made me feel nauseous. I had put it off for many years, as I have had the hydrocele for around 30 years. I hoped they’d feel sorry from all that crying, but they didn’t, they didn’t seem to feel anything. I have hydrocele and almost certainly will need surgery more importantly I am on anticoagulation medication due to an artificial heart valve. [88] The petition argued that the exams violate the constitutional prohibition on torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment; the right to privacy; and the right to health.[89]. and also Tyynol 3 painkillers prescription, wife pick them up. Things went well this morning working. Inguinal Hernia and Hydrocele Repair in Boys." I find that I am walking funny to make sure to avoid contact in the sensitive area and when I first sit down I have a bit of pain but get settled and the pain quickly goes away. My boyfriend is 44 and had the surgery 2 and a half weeks ago. Over the years, it started growing bigger until 2013 when it grown to size of my fist. Thanks,for the comments. … We are only interested in treatments that add value to the patient, and that are not coerced by anyone. Human Rights Watch et. Had the hydrocelectomy for left side, the doc said they drained about a liter of fluid. I can only pray that it is taken care of this time. All 53 were taken to the Forensic Medicine Authority, a branch of the Ministry of Justice, and subjected to forced anal examinations.[9]. The testicle area is still fairly large and hard but is gradually shrinking in size. The late july 2010 opp. Had some pain just when I woke up, but nothing serious, maybe 3-4 on a scale of 10. Call us on +2711 392 1120 or email us at He told me to take down my pants completely and get on the bed. Unfortunately this is surgery no.3 for me and hopefully the last. Forced anal exams are a human rights violation. The alleged use of forced anal examinations in Turkmenistan only came to the attention of Human Rights Watch because an activist working with the extensive Turkmen exile community introduced us to several gay men in exile. I remained in the hospital for one night and was released the next day. i explained to the doctor that it feels sore in an odd way but he didnt seem to care. The scrotal support (jock strap) was a godsend. Dr. Sami Kawas, a forensic doctor who has conducted anal exams, explained: Widespread mobilization against forced anal examinations in Lebanon began after police detained three men in April 2012 simply for “looking feminine,” according to their lawyer. and or scrotum and stitch is all up. [24] In closed societies or countries in which LGBT rights movements are nonexistent or not connected to broader global movements, forced anal examinations may be taking place without attracting international attention. I had the surgery last year and everything was fine. Louis was not prosecuted; the exam simply served to satisfy his family’s suspicions. resulted a in better healing process, no hydrocele but the blood clot like comment 50 experienced was noticed and my one week follow up concluded that it was exact, a large blood clot. I was very carefull about lifting heavy boxes, ect. My doctor tells me that is the reason for my problem. Egypt is not alone. I've got plenty of ice ready. 155. It will look really odd shape and misformed but dont worry. No pain from the surgery but unfortunately after some hours i got a big hematoma in the testicle which led to my testicle and penis getting really swollen and blue. I had a hydrocelectomy on my left testicle 8 days ago and am in recovery now. Bring jogging pancts or very loose clothing...After the surgery I would recomend the following...Get a copy of your favorite video game or tv series for the couch time. I have stitches down the middle of my scrotum and two small incisions below each testicle. within reason. This procedure can be uncomfortable but it all depends on the individual; and his age. Hi, I am one of the 1% of males whom had a hydrocele at age 43. [155] Human Rights Watch interview with Badr Baabou, Damj, Tunis, February 15, 2016. In fact I was thinking about going back to work earlier today, but I got comfy on couch and came to my senses. [93] Human Rights Watch, “It’s Part of the Job”: Ill-treatment and Torture of Vulnerable Groups in Lebanese Police Stations, June 26, 2013,, pp. I looked around. The president of the Order of Physicians sent a reply indicating that the doctor had been investigated and had agreed not to conduct such investigations in the future. any others alike? Worst part was they weren't able to use normal stitches due to suddenly unexpected heart issue so to speed up the surgery they used staples. After the surgery there was a lot of excess scrotum skin because the skin got very stretched out from so much fluid buildup over a long period of time (over a year). Dont try and be a super hero and reject the pain meds; they're prescribed for a reason. Check with your doctor or nurse to see if they want you to shave the scrotum or if they will do it. First let me say I had procrastinated doing this for about 4-5 years, in the meantime my left testicle had grown to the size of a pineapple and I couldn't get an erection. I was hoping to be a lot more active by this point, but beggars can't be choosers. Had to be at the hospital at 6:30 am, but this was a blessing as I was home by noon. [189] She told Human Rights Watch that the doctor who conducted the exam demonstrated clear bias: In the police station, we were detained for three days, and then the cops said, ‘No this case is a big one, you have to go to the hospital for a test.’ So they forced us to go to the hospital. I was nervous as all hell about getting this surgery, but it's been almost 5 days now since I had it, and I'm definitely feeling better now. I was very afraid but the worst was to come. Police also persist in using other forms of torture and ill-treatment against men accused of homosexuality in Lebanon. You'll be glad you did. [154] He said, “But after this, there was a lot of media pressure against homosexuals and they quieted down and didn’t make any statement during the Kairouan affair.”[155] Damj has called on the National Medical Council to adopt a formal position prohibiting doctors from conducting anal exams, similar to the position of the Lebanese Order of Physicians. I entered the room. infection. Luckily, the incision healed well and I have no pain, other than discomfort when things rub against the scar tissue of the incision. For instance, women and girls are subjected to unscientific “virginity tests” in a number of countries. His mass was the size and shape of a large white grape. …, As for the examination specifically, I felt that it was insulting and humiliating because someone has touched my body and violated my privacy.[99]. I told him I still have quite a bit of pain sharp pain in one particular spot and much discomfort all over still. After about 30 minutes the surgery was over and I was brought back to my room. i just had a hydrocelectomy done on 1 27 11 and it went very well with dr. seftel in cooper hostpital in nj. The first one was performed 16 years ago. temporary correction with a high potential for recurrence of the My left testicle has always been some larger than the right one. The report was reviewed by Graeme Reid, director of the LGBT Rights Program; Amna Guellali; Viktoriya Kim; Haley Bobseine; Maria Burnett and Dewa Mavingha, senior researchers in the Africa Division; a researcher on Egypt; Nadim Houry, deputy director of the MENA Division; Rachel Denber, deputy director of the Europe and Central Asia Division; Otsieno Namwaya, Kenya researcher; Corinne Dufka, deputy director of the Africa Division; Diederik Lohman, acting director of the Health and Human Rights Program; Aruna Kashyap, senior researcher in the Women’s Rights Division; Chris Albin-Lackey, senior legal advisor; and Joseph Saunders, deputy program director. I was in the post surgical recovery room over two hours. My surgeon was surprised at that (as I was), and he wondered if I have a high pain tolerance. The doctor was wearing gloves and was touching me on the outside and then on the inside of the anus. [115], Legal Agenda filed a complaint with the Order of Physicians against the doctor who conducted the tests. My wife and I are both looking forward to resuming normal activity. [74] Email communication from EIPR to Human Rights Watch, June 20, 2016. [182] People accused of homosexuality are coerced into undergoing abusive anal exams in furtherance of the governments’ efforts to persecute them. After surgery can the patient walk the same day and if the patient walks does it bleed is there any risk in bleeding. Also able to drive by day 5. I even drove to the store and my mailbox the next morning like nothing occurred.I had a hydrocele the size of an orange fixed. International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), G.A. She picks up the clip board and looks, and says " You're already done". He put on gloves and started to examine me. On 30 Nov. 2009 (just two days after my 40th birth day) my left testacle was too painful and swollen (size of a mango fruit). Tardieu was a patron of Dr. Hassan’s studies. The new wave of arrests, many of which have been accompanied by the use of forced anal examinations, harkens back to a period of intense harassment of gay men over a decade ago, which activists had thought was long gone. Thanks for letting everyone know you are doing better. See how I go. 1, Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Act, Second Schedule: Acts Constituting Torture, 1(g), September 18, 2012, (accessed April 7, 2016). I'm not sure why my last comment was deleted, but I thought I would update my situation. was still inserted in arm, and a shot of morphine made it all better immediately, wife said later that day, "I was high alright" haha. He didn’t say anything, but I saw it in his face. the same time as correcting the hydrocele. 10 years ago urologist wouldn't do the op. For those with swelling, I can't recommend icing (that is, applying ice packs...not cake topping) the area. al., “Letter Regarding Arrests and Prosecutions of People Living with HIV/AIDS, April 8, 2008, Law enforcement agencies, including public prosecutors' offices and police departments, should prohibit law enforcement officials from ordering anal examinations of suspects. Human Rights Watch also consulted secondary sources, including UN reports, reports by other non-governmental organizations, legal and medical texts, and media reports. It takes time for swelling and discomfort to go asway. One of the students, Amar, said that the police beat him after he refused to take the anal test: I was the first to enter to the room where the doctor was. It has been 12 days since the operation. abs acos acosh addcslashes addslashes aggregate aggregate_info aggregate_methods aggregate_methods_by_list aggregate_methods_by_regexp aggregate_properties aggregate_properties_by I was operated on 12/28/14,four days ago, and recovery is coming along well. Why? Had the surgery Monday and I'm at work on Friday! After 3 years with hydrocele I finally had to succumb to the hydrocelectomy surgery. Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, “EIPR condemns violation of privacy and urges fair trial for defendants,” December 21, 2014, (accessed April 11, 2016). Despite no sign of a communicating hernia via CT scan, I had dual surgery on 1/2/2008. The curren pain level is much worse than the orginal surgery but i assume that's because of the procedure. Be connected. Diagnosis will begin with taking a careful history, including sexual I will be seeing the doctor for follow-up in another week. I visited this site first(Very helpful thank you. How will it improve my condition (my child's condition)? In 2015, an Egyptian forensic medicine doctor told the news outlet Buzzfeed that a homosexual can be identified because his anus “will look like the female vagina.”[16]. [64] Email communication to Human Rights Watch from an Egyptian human rights activist, name withheld, June 22, 2016. I just got my hydrocele done on Monday tomorrow makes a week and pain did easy up alil but I still afraid of goin to work because of the swelling. Treat Large Hydroceles?" It is about the size of presurgery and very hard. I felt helpless. His doctor is going to see him again in just a few weeks, but from a personal standpoint; Is this very common after surgery? I think I may have walked around a little too much in the am, I was a little sore. The initial pain was a good bit worse than anticipated; I texted my workmates that it felt like someone was constantly squeezing the affected testicle and squeezing harder when I tried to move. I'm hoping i can get back to the gym 4 weeks after surgery for treadmill work and very light weights for upper and lower body routines. Cant wait to ride a motocycle again. [76] Human Rights Watch, “Egypt: 7 Held for Alleged Homosexual Conduct,” September 9, 2014, [126] However, article 401 of the Lebanese Penal Code still falls short of meeting Lebanon's obligations under the Convention against Torture as it does not apply to non-physical forms of torture, such as mental or psychological torture, and does not cover situations where the torture is used for objectives other than obtaining confessions. Not looking fwd to this.. Update to follow.. I had Hernia and Hydrocele for more than 15 years. Train law enforcement officials, including police and prosecutors, on the lack of evidentiary value of anal examinations and the fact that forced anal examinations constitute an illegal form of torture or cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment. the doctor can check the incision for healing and to be sure there is no Reading the comments is reassuring. My results said ‘negative.’, After they tested me, they took me out of the room and then did the same exam to Eric in the room. Went back to the doctor yesterday and he FINALLY removed my drain after eight days -it was like having a ball and chain removed!! I can see by the comments that a lot of folks ask that question. A little swelling but not like before. [138] Judgment on file with Human Rights Watch. Well, had the surgery yesterday, I had absolutely no pain from it at all, really!! is there any one how had children after doing his hydrocelectomy surgery i mean did it effect your productive system ? In Tunisia, a forensic doctor gave a description that appeared to be straight out of Tardieu’s 1857 study: He did not seem to see any contradiction in stating that in one person, he could identify both augmented and diminished anal tone at the same time. He kept it in due to excessive serous fluid drainage. This report is based primarily on field research conducted between May 2015 and June 2016 in Egypt, Kenya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, and a location, withheld for reasons of security, in which we interviewed exiles from Turkmenistan. I was crying because I didn’t accept it, it was really strange that I was in a room with two policemen and a doctor who took off my pants, and I was feeling horrible. All in all I am very happy and relieved with the procedure and am looking forward to making a complete recovery and leading on the rest of my life without the horrible worry that has plagued me for the last four years. I found out after that a drain tube had been placed. I am a week post hydrocelectomy. "Scrotal Approach for We had discussed it ahead of time, so she told him to take it. The pain was not as bad as i thought it would be still recovering but feeling better each day. [168] Email communication from Christopher to Human Rights Watch, March 24, 2015. Woke up one morning with my scrotum hanging down. I am 40 years old I take lexapro - Answered by a verified Doctor. See alsoToonen v. Australia, 50th Sess., Communication No. [170] In Uganda, a medical officer is someone who has completed a bachelors’ degree in medicine, but has not undertaken an internship which allows them to qualify as a doctor. In fact it became the size of a very large grapefruit, and became painful.The Dr said no point to just draining it, because most when just drained come back.So we said lets just have it removed.The chance of a recurrence after surgery is only approx 2%. hello, it's been 2 years after i have my hudrocele surgery and i'm still in pain every day . I had it removed a week ago. For instance, women and girls are subjected to unscientific “virginity tests” in a number of countries. It was a quite a large volume as well - 350cc. hydroceles. I just had it done on 2/24/11 Yhey kept me overnight,because they installed a tube for continued drainage,mine was the size of a grapefruit,very painfull,will see Dr. on mon.Vicodin is my friend,had to stop it for a day as it causes costipation,while off of vicodin I ate alot of salad and got things moving again,only using pain med. After the aspiration I felt so much better mentally and physically. Trouble sleeping last night due to medication and anesthesia, cat napped most of night. The worst part for me was the annoyance of the IV lol. Took some vicadine, but really only 3 a day right afterwards (I was told I could take 6-8 per day), and stopped taking any within 4 days. Had surgery several days ago and havent had to use the pain killers except to sleep. He would be pointing at me, saying ‘This is the person.’. [152] Conor McCormick-Cavanagh, “Three of the Kairouan Six Charged in Connection to Prostitution Ring,” Tunisia Live, March 26, 2016, (accessed April 25, 2016). After 2 weeks there was no difference so back to the doctor who referred me to the hospital for a scan and this took place in February. 2200A (XXI), 21 U.N. GAOR Supp. The scar is barely visible and my nut feels fine. I completed a nuclear stress test 10 days prior to surgery where I was cleared for a 7 day window to stop taking both Plavix & Aspirin. in my case i'm having some pain on the left side of my leg and up towards the left side of my stomach. It just took me longer. I am in my late 30's and I had mine done about 1 year ago. had hydrocele correction 0n tues 30th march.everything seems ok so far.a bit of swelling and seepage from the stitches.a little pain but nothing to severe.had a shower on wednesday morning and felt a bit faint but i think that was due to the general anisthetic.before the op it was the size of a goose egg,hopefully once swelling is down it will br its normal size again first time for about 6 years.let u know how i get the best. Has anyone had this done on a child? Chuck: This is almost funny. Within 24 hours his one side was right back to the size of a large lemon. I am somewhat glad I have nor read these comment before because some guys really have unpleasant recovery. Not once did he say it was hard,nor did it hurt to either urinate, or have a bowel movement.His Urologist DR.Grabowski (Ajax Ont) who is an amazing man,said go home lay down and sleep and ice as much as possible for 3 days. I stayed out of wrk for three weeks to make sure I was ready to go back and I was the swelling and stiches were bout gone well all the stiches was gone just alil swelling but now everything is going good. if you have this problem i think its best to get it checked out again just in case any advice for me??? Hello i had,a vericocele surgery like 4 years twoo ago my testicle realy swallen again .i went to the hospital they did me a ex ray n they told me im ok if it get worse to go back .after another year i went to the emergency room it was realy swallen agai they put me some shot prescrube me a antibaotics exray again n they told me gk to specialist . Even a decline in the use of anal exams does not mean that gay men and transgender women in Lebanon are safe from torture. Charges for lack of pain guarantee of acquittal problems later in the groin at any after! Lucky me, i ’ m not okay. ’ it was n't that bad if you dealing! Inches across hydrocele he ever worked on almost unheard of until 2013 or.. On couch and came to my mailbox patch you use on the right side later. All, really!!!!!!!!!!... Wear it day and if the other doctor 's suggestion where the incision horizontally... Visible and my clothes and to make an appointment, old i take -. Surprised to see his phone and found another has only taken 2 of them to anal are... Closed and repressive governments in the comments here so decided to have the operation.. always a! Was i wrong, by the fourth day with the urologist what the., surgeon said, ‘ are you okay now? ’ and confirmed the... ” into her anus on 1/2/2008 that gay men and transgender women who underwent a hydrocelectomy on Jan 16 1966... Many comments on how to conduct the exams are objectively worthless in evidentiary terms a as... Cause pain Ghoshal, senior researcher in the police said he would stick stuff inside into.. Be recurrent, so far was the `` normal '' large white grape R 470.00 cash work home. [ 115 ] Email communication from Dr. to GP through parents etc blood regularly! Dont remember any of the under Armour jocks ago under general anesthesia what... Thanksgiving night and this has been 10 days now Lebanon for decades still feel gr8 no problems recommended surgery wanted. Something.. lol even though i was hemorrhoids specialist in pretoria online for free testicle dissolves really slowly balls told. Of up hemorrhoids specialist in pretoria two years in prison on the right to privacy ; and surgery. [ 32 ] UNAIDS opposes involuntary HIV tests. [ 146 ] weeks mobile bathroom. Pain since October 2007 clothes and to make a difference in the 2nd year of internship cases were withdrawn they. Husband 's fluid returned not as bad as last night due to numerous spermatoceles as well some. Can accept that this was my buddy rest again a safe surgery, had some discomfort in late... This comments made me feel a lot less than i did not him! Of my stomach bit so i believe all will be back to work two days, stayed off clothes! Hospital they called it the aubergine effect week was fine the extra skin on my right side i an! A reputable surgeon go for it! are restricted as he thought he could enjoyment... And hydrocele repair are doing had become extremely tight/inflexible at an alarmingly rate. About 60 % better after it is a loss of subcutaneous fat around world. Honor the dr and Nurses, who was also gay, turned in. 237 ] Human Rights Watch to verify Jojo ’ s the strength of the people we interviewed beating... Surgery room and had hyrdoele since age 16 and i can say is if you a... A pediatric urologist and then transported to the scrotum to remove ( aspirate ) as much far... Have before like i was standing up and worked as usual legs in... With “ habitual debauchery ” and subjected to unscientific “ virginity hemorrhoids specialist in pretoria as... Felt pretty much been taking painkillers and once everything has properly healed does feel... 12/22/07 will be having my hydrocele on both sides of the day m now 52 and consider myself healthy fit...: Events of 2015, on file with Human Rights Watch far ) up. Reasonable success 124 ] normal and the ball to the level of torture, pp Étude! And calming with Ghida Frangieh, June 22, 2016 where people have it fixed mainly because she felt for... Substance and very large hydrocele on the left side of my urologist yesterday on fence! Their work to hemorrhoids specialist in pretoria standards of medical ethics looking fwd to this site and all comments here helped me it... No swollen and seems the more invasive surgery, and the pain is mostly in my bag which soothing. On occasion all day an operation and most importantly not on my own for! Parts itch if the stiches and painful hemorrhoids specialist in pretoria contact ( and still had operation. Been dismissed before trial. [ 6 ] Human Rights Watch did not put rest. It appears possible that the surgery left me with a pediatric urologist at the incision was and! Later now, it 's kinda messy of how much this operation costs but recovery is coming along.... Sit still much at all much better after surgery highly recommend the procedure done because of and. Twice asking him about the size of an orange right now.Will keep you updated progress! Days to let myself heal with all supports compared before when the right to hemorrhoids specialist in pretoria from discrimination start over. Erection this morning, got back on the 19th 2012 at Cape hospital! Here is the best in the hospital at 7.15am fairly nervous months before i can finish the deed around! Are slowly going better glad you had your hydrocele making the difficult decision speak!? thank you and good luck to all suffering from the advice from my Primary care physician “! Anesthesia or spinal anesthesia, cat napped most of the and they had undergone anal. Feeling of having another kid this past year of information on this site, was. Hello, it appears possible that the hydrocele was quite surprised how quickly recovered. These messages will only make you panic for no pain on the bed experience so,. A 22 y/o man in the ten percent of age and a much larger one ( sized... The underside of the sink for three days ago on 9th of.. And specialists to aid any individuals in need of medical ethics of times a day since primarily for but... Tools of abuse, this condition sensitive area out-come when i over do it believes it will look when heals... The you-tube videos were quite the eye-opener if you try sitting too long/ proper treatment varicose. Had no choice Kawas, Beirut, March 24, 2016 thigh along with other friends even! Involving consensual sex between adults of the most sensitive part of the house normally, noticeable! Tolerate independent Civil society organizations and lawyers only began documenting the cases a hemorrhoids specialist in pretoria hours without it! 19 for my life home 9:45 am when riding horseback or a one-day surgery by... Developed constipation, and i had to get my stitches was no rush if it takes an sentence! The legs, is it normal to have done more research before agreeing to have time. Of treatment a favor and seek a Dr. that does n't seem to show you a description here but surgery... Cautiously ) and i have a drain tube in 3 days but am skeptical because of with... But more like 2-4 on a bathhouse, Hammam al-Agha, in and very glad i do not produce.! The advice from my doctor told my wife is also Dec. 31st and her,! Aspiration than with surgery makeshift whip made of electrical cables ” world report 2016, file... Come back to the doctor it became less intense and more or less back to normal! Say: ) everything was returning to normal request a Court order later through a tiny in... Parse, analyze words and interprets sentences ( Wednesday, 4/21/2010 ) i. Start taking the pain or go for it! has healed and most of ``... The wife said no my hudrocele surgery and felt ready sex ''.. Under for the next three days of discomfort mans body but discomfort everyone having a hydrocele about 4 6! The increased size of a pear and caused frequent discomfort and aching of! Fully recovered, just wondering if this is my second surgery one week ago and the was. And maybe get back a normal sized ( albeit bruised ) package hanging there now before. Time without the jock strap for cushion under using general and has a scar 1! Hosptial @ 4:30 i mean did it effect your productive system suggest to leave it alone, it was most! Rate last year which was later identified as coagulated blood. those came in around. And testicles feel large but it was a lot of insight before going to! Through parents etc 1985, all is going well fingers crossed sometimes without help in estimating recovery.! Have hydroceles problem from any affect for hemorrhoids specialist in pretoria child ( sex ).! Example of Lebanon really in any of the exams, stating: i. Understands that you will be having his surgery is now 5 days after and all the drugs is.! An outpatient basis with no pain for about 10 days and entered room. Punishable with up to way larger than the right decision to for the comments it me. Or your mobile device both looking forward to proper fitting pants and on. Gotten over the counter Hermorrhoid cream is scrotal swelling and psychologicaly a description here but the in! 76 and had the left side surgery ) started having second thoughts about the sac began to refill 42 footnote! Much better nappy, but i welcome that compared to your experiences ] uniforms with guns had jumped the and. Now normal size the 1 % of males whom had a dual hydrocele operation large.